It was music from the start. As Bibs' mother used to tell her, when she was three she would run around the house humming operas that she had heard on the radio. At the age of 5, she started piano lessons and continued for 11 years. However, she was one of those kids who hated to practice and since she had discovered rock and roll, BIbs quit piano lessons at age 16 and started doing little demos, with her sister Jiggs, of her first efforts at writing songs.

While she was working at ABC-TV, Bibs met a fellow music lover, Lynda Malzone, and the two of them, along with Jiggs, started rehearsing together in a studio in New Jersey and trying to find a record deal. There they met a local DJ, Tom De Cillis, who introduced the girls to a singer by the name of Bernadette Dahlia (later Carroll). Together they became The Starlets and their recording careers began. This was the first opportunity for Bibs to have one of her songs recorded--- "Where Is My Love Tonight" and was the flip side of "P.S. I Love you," which started making its way up the charts in New York. As a result, The Starlets came to the attention of a New York record company, Caprice Records. Jiggs, Bibs and Lynda were signed (Bernadette had left the group), along with Linda Jankowski (Jantzen), who was invited by Bibs and Jiggs to become the lead singer. The Angels were born.

Along with hit records "Til" and "Cry Baby Cry," the girls recorded an album called "And the Angels Sing" and traveled throughout the country doing concerts and television shows. Among their many appearances was one in Detroit with The Spinners, The Marvelettes, and many more Motown groups. They also appeared at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York.

In 1962, when Lynda and Linda left the group, Bibs and Jiggs teamed up with Peggy Santiglia (Davison), whom they had met back when Peggy's group, The Delicates, and The Starlets performed together at a concert. The three of them started doing backup singing in New York for artists such as Ben E. King, Eydie Gorme, Lesley Gore, and recorded many demos with Neil Diamond when he began writing songs for Blackwood Music. They met Bobby Feldman, Richie Gottehrer and Jerry Goldstein while recording a demo, and soon the three writers asked the girls to listen to a song they had written with The Angels in mind. It was called "My Boyfriend's Back" and The Angels signature song reached No. 1 in the summer of 1963.

The girls traveled extensively, including doing a tour of air force bases in Germany and France and they then appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on October 6, 1963. The Angels recorded songs in German and had four more chart records and two albums. While with The Angels, Bibs appeared on the Dean Martin Show (with Debbie Swisher), the Jose Jimenez Show, and performed at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and the Fontainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach with Frank Sinatra (Bibs fondly recalls one particular night when Frank came over to their dinner table and introduced himself, then had his engineer fix the girls' sound system and invited them to his show in the main room where he sat them in a booth at the front and had champagne delivered).

In 1970, one of Bibs' life-long dreams came true when the group was booked into the Copacabana in New York.

Then in 1979, Bibs left the group and began singing jingles in New York, including songs for Wendy's, Peter Paul candy, Sticklets chewing gum, Baby Crissy Dolls, Sheraton Hotels and the American Milk Association.

In 1985 Bibs and her husband Peter left New York and moved to Los Angeles, where they opened a project management firm (his background was as an architect). He and his partners managed the design and construction of large commercial projects such as hospitals, office buildings, hotels and huge houses and Bibs ran the office. It was quite successful and they sold it in 1998, moving to their weekend house in Santa Barbara.

It was at this time that Bibs began to seriously write songs, but did nothing with them until 2006 when The Angels decided to record their new CD, "Love The Angels." Bibs not only produced and arranged the new CD with Stan Sirico, but wrote 10 of the 15 songs. Although Bibs will stay home and write more songs in her Scottsdale, AZ studio, her niece, Karalyn Hugo, has joined the group and will tour with Jiggs, Peggy and Stan.