Maybe it was from growing up with a big piano and a singing family, or it might have been because she was named after a comic strip character, but whatever it was, Jiggs has always had the ability to add comedy and silliness to the serious job of singing like an angel. Her big sister Barb (Bibs) Albut played the piano and taught her how to harmonize - "You sing this".

So, Jiggs sang 'this' and Bibs sang 'that', and they were on their way. Joining various friends and singing rock 'n' roll at shows in school, was followed quickly by recording Bibs' songs at a local studio. It was obvious from the beginning that the sisters created something special together, so it didn't take long for them to get a recording deal from Astro Records and release their first song "P.S. I Love You" as the Starlets with friends Bernadette and Lynda. New York DJ, Peter Tripp, picked up on the song and started to play it on his radio show. They thought they had made it until Peter was fired in the "Payola" scandal. "P.S. I Love You" went with him.

They advertised for a lead singer and met Linda Jankowski. The girls, Bibs, Jiggs, Lynda and Linda recorded their own version of "Til" and were soon signed to Caprice records. With Bibs' "A Moment Ago" on the b side, "Til" was released in 1961, reaching # 14 on the national charts. The girls started playing concerts all over the country. One of the biggest thrills for Jiggs was doing the Dick Clark Show.

The next single for The Angels was "Cry Baby Cry", written by Morris Bailey from Phila. Jiggs remembers driving to Philly to meet Mo and to hear the song. The girls instantly fell in love with the song and couldn't wait for their new record to be released. One of the highlights for Jiggs was playing the Apollo Theater and introducing "Cry Baby Cry". She also got to sing lead on their unique rendition of Johnny B. Goode at this wonderful old theater.

In 1962, Peggy joined the group, coming from the Delicates, with whom The Angels had done several shows including the Joe Franklin TV Show in NY. They worked on their act and did backgrounds and demos in NY to make a living. They worked with Neil Diamond and sang background for Jackie Wilson, Rosie Greer, and Lou Christie ---among others; they even did a guest shot on a Plasmatics album.

Jiggs particularly enjoyed doing a background for Frank Sinatra. She very happily ran around NY from ear training to sight singing teachers to vocal coaches.

It was a busy time. When they were in the studio with FGG Productions, the guys mentioned that they had a song that might just be suited to The Angels. Jiggs remembers being very excited after hearing "My Boyfriend's Back" and feeling it was going to be a big hit. It was.

There were 2 European tours, Las Vegas, lots of TV, interviews and books. The Ed Sullivan Show was a highlight, as was the Beacon Theater and the Brooklyn Fox---where they did 5 shows a day and then ran into the city to record at night.

There came a time when they were not working as much as they wanted ---blame it on the 'British Invasion', so the girls tried a bold move. They changed their name to "The Halos" and with Debbie Swisher, put together a supper club act with the help of arranger Lee Holdridge and choreographer Donna McKecknie of "Chorus Line" fame. It was fun and a total departure from what they had been doing. They worked everywhere from the Fountainbleu in Miami to the Cork Club in Houston and did a European tour with Bob Crosby and the Bobcats.

Jiggs took maternity leave in 1969 to await the birth of her first child, a girl as it turns out. This first daughter is now working with Mom and Aunt Peggy as the third Angel.

During her time off, she took acting classes and auditioned for commercials. She did voice overs and remembers her favorite job. Being an avid Yankees fan, she was thrilled to be hired for a commercial featuring "The Scooter", Phil Rizutto. "Holy Cow!"

Peggy, Bibs and Toni Mason carried on until the revival began and Jiggs returned. They were The Angels again and working more than ever. It was the 3 of them - Peggy, Bibs and Jiggs - until Bibs decided to retire in 1979 . Jiggs and Peg asked Lana Shaw (from the Serendipity Signers) to join them, and after she left, decided to stay as two, with the vocal help of their conductor/guitarist, Stan Sirico. They have worked continuously until the present, when they decided to do this recording project, and to introduce Jiggs'daughter, Karalyn, to the world. She did the recording with them, singing lead on two songs, and has begun to do live performances with them. For Jiggs this is a real "family affair" with her great friend/sister Peggy, her daughter Karalyn, husband Stan and sister Bibs (on recordings only) all working together. Jiggs has written her first song for the new CD. Jiggs says "It took me long enough," but is thrilled to have gone through the process. She lives in CA with Stan, their younger daughter Sam, a film student, and their 2 rescued Chow Chows. Email Jiggs.